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IIT Launches MS In Entrepreneurship Programme

IIT Launches MS In Entrepreneurship Programmerogramme at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has been re-launched. On the official website,, postgraduate (PG) and undergraduate (UG) degree holders from all around India can apply. Applicants for the entrepreneurial programme have until November 30 to apply.

Candidates can check the list of topics/projects from the official website of IIT Madras. Applicant can apply for one to three topics that are of their interest. Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of a set criteria and will be called for an interview.

The research programme was commenced by the Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras in 1982-83. These entrepreneurship-focused programmes helped scholars and their start-ups in getting many awards and recognition. After the success of the programmes, it is now being launched as a course.

Selected scholars will work with faculty on ‘commercialisable ideas.’ They will be guided on how to discover entrepreneurial opportunities and formally establish their start-ups via an effective combination of taught courses, intense research supported by astute supervision and mentorship by highly accomplished entrepreneurs and others of the start-up ecosystem, said a statement by IIT Madras.

Professor Ashwin Mahalingam, who is part of the selection committee, said, “A lot of research happens at IIT Madras that has commercial potential. This program will create technology entrepreneurs who will ‘product-ize’ these ideas and work on developing business plans around them. In this way, we hope to ease the ‘lab to market’ transition of technologies, develop entrepreneurs, and consequently have greater societal impact.”

Professor Satyanarayanan Seshadri elaborated the entrepreneurship ecosystem offered by IIT Madras and said, “The support system here is very well developed to support founders at all stages of business development from pre-incubation to acceleration of their ventures. Now with faculty members offering their technology, it is bound to provide potential entrepreneurs with differentiated opportunities for technology-led venture creation”


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