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JEE Main, NEET: ‘Clarity on exam timetable needed to ensure students continue focused studies’

Anxiety is at an all-time high among lakhs of students and aspirants, owing to confusion about the conduct of exams and schedules scheduled for the next two months.

The news of a variety of exams — boards and entrance examinations — being postponed or cancelled this year has been trickling in for the past week. The Maharashtra government cancelled the SSC exams on Tuesday. The board exams for the HSC were previously postponed. The NEET entrance exam, which was supposed to take place on April 18, was cancelled, and a new date has been set. The IIT-JEE (Mains) exam, which was scheduled to take place between April 27 and 30, has been postponed. The CSIR-NET and UGC NET exams, which were scheduled between May 2 and 17, have also been postponed indefinitely.

Students and tutors seem to be most concerned about a lack of clarification about the test schedule.

With the number of Covid-19 cases increasing by the day, these national-level exams are unlikely to take place anytime soon. Some argue that the only silver lining is the extra time students will have to finish their studies. “Though students may be annoyed now, they will have more time to study,” said Durgesh Mangeshkar, director of IITian's Prashikshan Kendra.

“Students must prepare a list of subjects, based on their relevance, and use this golden opportunity to better prepare,” said Lalit Kumar, founder and director of Prime Academy. “Students must maintain a laser-like emphasis on their studies. “Each exam necessitates a specific method of preparation. It will help students prepare their studies in the coming weeks if all agencies and institutions conducting exams, be it boards or entrances, can come up with detailed information providing a timeline of the examinations,” Mangeshkar said.


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