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Khushbu walks the red carpet in Kanjeevaram saree at the Cannes Film Festival

Actor-turned-politician Khushbu Sundar represented India at Cannes Film Festival recently. In this live interview from Cannes, she talks about her love for the traditional Kanjeevaram saree and doing her bit for the weavers who painstakingly weave sarees.

She also spoke about Indian cinema which has now got global recognition. With regard to this, she said we need to celebrate IFFI Goa like Cannes.

"We are not talking about Bollywood or Kollywood; these terms get irritating after a point of time. We should stop using these terms and talk just about Indian cinema. Indian cinema is something you can’t avoid or look through, we have arrived. People are taking note of us. It’s not just Indian films but even documentaries that are winning awards and love from the audience. I reiterate here as I did at Cannes - this is Indian cinema." stated Khushbu

"For me, representing India and Indian cinema was extremely important,"Cinema is not just about making films to win awards - it’s also about winning the hearts of the audiences. I am more than glad that a mainstream commercial film like RRR was recognized and we made a mark. The number of people who were there at Cannes and owned up to the festival was good to see. All cinema lovers were present at Cannes. For some people, it might have been just the prestige of walking the red carpet at Cannes."


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