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LGBT: DU’s Kalindi College sets up a cell to create sensitivity for LGBT community

Kalindi College, University of Delhi, has lately established a transgender cell to educate its students on issues affecting the LGBT community.

The cell was established in collaboration with Nazariya, an NGO that aims to improve the lives of people in this community.

"For the past 3-4 months, we've been working on setting up a webinar to showcase the life and problems of the LGBT community. The transgender cell is currently operational, and we have already held five physical and virtual student seminars. "We will continue to offer such seminars for students in the future," says Naina Hasija, principal of Kalindi College, University of Delhi. Because the students will not be attending physical classes, the webinar will be used to educate them about the lives and personalities of important LGBT individuals who will also speak at the sessions. It will highlight their difficulties and explore how they overcame them.

"The cell's mission is to educate pupils and instill respect for the LGBT community." It will make students more aware of and open to community issues, as well as assist individuals who are unable to accept their reality," she adds.


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