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Martial Arts produces discipline & Confidence in Children

CORERETREAT AND WELLNESS Center, in association with HYPER FIT GYM and under the aegis of the MACE (Martial Arts for Culture and Education) organised its Belt Advancement Seminar and Test on 1st June 2022 under supervision of Master Gaurav Negi at Delhi’s Pacific Sports Complex.

Grandmaster Abhai Singh was the Chief Guest who graced the occasion. GM Singh, an 8 Dan black belt, has been teaching Taekwondo for the past 35 years and is the Director of a successful Martial arts Academy in North Carolina, USA.

Taekwondo, an Olympic sport, has been getting popularity due to its dynamism and also because of its effectiveness in self-defence and counterattack in unarmed combat.

As the student advances through the belts, they become adept in physical abilities including self-defence. They learn to be disciplined and focused, while gaining confidence and a persevering spirit.

Hriyaan Bhatia who was trained by Master Gaurav Negi got outstanding achievement award amongst 18 participants.

Core Retreat and Wellness Centre was established in 2013 affiliated to Sang Rok World Taekwondo by its founder Master Gaurav Negi. Negi’s mission and vision is of making India as the biggest Sporting Nation on the globe with many Indian sporting International Icons on the floor.

“ What is very essential for any student is to respect values such as team work, self-control, discipline, courage and confidence. Our main focus at Coreretreat is to inculcate

Perseverance, determination and a sense of belongingness among children and youth of the country” says Master Gaurav Negi


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