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Mathematics Expert Iqbal Singh Gives Tips To Score 100 Percent In Board Exams

Iqbal Singh is a prominent name in the field of Mathematics and has been teaching Mathematics for the last 40 years. He is the Founder and Director of Understanding Mathematics, an institute that guides and trains students to excel in Mathematics.

In this video, students preparing for the board examinations can get useful tips from him. He talks about his App, his new ventures, and his mantra for scoring 100 percent in Mathematics. Iqbal Singh feels that teaching Mathematic is the most important contribution he could make to the world. He has devoted much of his life to understanding and teaching the motivation, history, aesthetics, and deep structure of mathematics.

Iqbal Singh gives talks on Mathematics and education throughout India and is a global figure as he teaches in Middle East countries as well. Iqbal Singh is one of the first creators of an App for Mathematics.


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