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MBA in Communication Management - Courses, Colleges and Careers

If you have a knack for great interpersonal skills and a keen interest in organisational communication and emerging communication technology, communication management is a career path worth considering.

In today's world, communication is extremely important in the workplace. Since it is such an important part of engaging with various stakeholders, it has gradually become a differentiating factor among managers and leaders. Communication can make or break a contract, so learning how to do it can be very useful. And a master's or MBA degree in communication management teaches just that. It improves your skills, enables you to rise to the top as an efficient contact manager, and positions you as the quintessential organisational scaffold between workers and external allies.

Aspects of Communications Management

  • Creating corporate communications plans

  • Creating guidelines for internal and external contact

  • Controlling the flow of data

  • Practice of online/offline contact

  • Taking advantage of ever-evolving communication technologies


Large and medium-sized government and public-sector organisations are the most common employers of communication managers. You may be named to the following positions:

  • Manager - Communication

  • Corporate manager

  • Communication manager

  • Media communication manager

  • Business development manager

  • Manager – corporate affairs

Role of a Communication Manager

The position of a communication manager has become critical in every company in this era of fierce competition. This is due to the fact that it is these communications managers who communicate with staff and external stakeholders to keep them informed about company developments. They devise methods to raise employee awareness and boost productivity.

Externally, they engage with the media and other interested parties to foster a climate of shared understanding, perhaps in an honest effort to preserve the company's positive reputation and assist it in reaching new heights.

Top 7 Colleges/ Institutes for MBA in Communication Management

Here are some of the top institutes offering a masters degree/ MBA in Communication Management:

No. College/Institute State

1. Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad (MICA) Gujarat

2. Jagran Institute of Communication and Management Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

3. Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication Pune Maharashtra

4. Symbiosis Centre for International Education Bangalore Karnataka

5. International School of Business and Media Bangalore (ISB&M) Karnataka

6 Delhi School of CommunicationDelhi7NRAI School of Mass Delhi

Communication, Management & Technology


  • Graduates with a minimum of 60% average marks

Entrance & Course Fee

The CAT is used to choose students for the majority of institutes. Few institutes, however, have their own admissions procedures. The cost of an MBA in Communication Management ranges between Rs.4.7 lakh (DSC) and Rs.13.5 lakh (DSC) (MICA).


  • Most programs run for 2 years.


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