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Medical Courses After Class 12 Without NEET scores

Medical courses are one of the most popular choices after finishing Class 12 because of the potential for professional advancement and attractive work prospects. Thousands of applicants enrol and take the NEET UG test every year. According to last year's data, 7,71,500 individuals qualified for NEET, whereas 13,66,945 individuals applied. That indicates that only about 56% of candidates pass the medical admission exam. The level of competition to qualify for the NEET exam is increasing by the day, therefore medical students who have not prepared adequately but wish to pursue a career in health care or medicine should be aware of medical courses that do not require a bachelor's degree.

There are numerous medical courses accessible after 12th grade that do not require the NEET exam, allowing medical students to study while earning a good salary. Candidates who have not yet taken the NEET can still enrol in these courses and work in the healthcare field.

Following is a list of medical courses that do not require the NEET that candidates can follow after completing their 12th grade.

BSc Nursing (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

A bachelor's degree in nursing is a four-year programme in medical science. It's an example of a professional course that prepares students to help people through medical therapy. Nursing aspirants are taught not just to treat humanity, but also to have attributes of affection, compassion, and patience for those in need.

BPharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

BPharmacy is a bachelor's degree programme in pharmacy that teaches students the fundamentals of the profession. After class 12, students interested in becoming pharmacists or drug inspectors can enrol in BPharmacy. Aspirants can study drug safety, discovery, medicinal chemistry, industrial pharmacy, and a variety of other areas that fall under the umbrella of pharmaceutical science.

BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)

BPT is a 4.5-year undergraduate degree that focuses on the human body's structure and includes a six-month mandatory internship. Physiotherapy is the science of treating people with physical forces like heat, electricity, mechanical pressure, and mechanical forces.

Others Top Medical Courses Without NEET

  • Bachelor in Veterinary Science

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honours in Physiology

  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

  • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

  • Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Engineering


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