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MoU to make digital education AaoGhar Mein Seekhein 2.0' accessible to all

The Rajasthan government has signed an MoU with an EdTech platform to make digital learning available to all students enrolled in government and low-fee private schools in the state. This collaboration will also help to strengthen the Department of Education's upcoming 'AaoGhar Mein Seekhein 2.0' program, which will be launched on June 21.

ConveGenius implements the digital learning model through formative assessments, individual feedback, and content recommendations to personalize students' learning in accordance with the curriculum taught in schools.

The EdTech platform stores each student's learning data, which is derived from weekly assessments completed by the students. These assessments identify students' performance and weak points so that targeted content and recorded e-kaksha can be provided to alleviate their doubts and support remedial learning.

The AI-based EdTech platform uses interactive, child-friendly, and adaptive learning methods that can be accessed through a WhatsApp chatbot, tablets, or computer labs in schools. “As our response to COVID-19, we fully support and applaud the efforts by Rajasthan government in reaching out to millions of children via EdTech who otherwise could have dropped out of the education system,” says Aparna Arora, principal secretary, Department of Education. “In the previous year, more than 22 lakh students of Rajasthan benefitted from this model. This year a target has been set to provide this facility to 70 lakh students. The large-scale assessment data is very helpful in improving teaching methods and identifying the scope of improvement in students. The performance of students on the basis of their learning objectives will be leveraged to effectively plan bottom-up educational reforms across the state,” says Saurabh Swami, director, School Education.


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