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National Educational Policy: Modi Govt Wants no homework

The Narendra Modi government in the National Education Policy has said that

children in standard 3, 4 and 5 should be given a maximum of two hours of

homework per week.

For Standard 6 to 8, the homework should be maximum of one hour a day.

No homework for students up to class two, providing lockers and digital

weighing machines in schools, making available potable water on the premises

and disallowing wheeled carrier bags are among the recommendations made

by the Education Ministry in its new policy on school bags.

According to the suggestions that are in line with the new National Educational

Policy (NEP), the weight of school bag for students between classes 1-10 should

not be more than 10 percent of their body weight.

"Based on research studies conducted in this area, recommendations of

international agencies about the standard weight of school bag"…it is

recommended to follow universally accepted ratio of weight for school bag as

10 per cent of the body weight of the student across classes 1 to 10", it says.

Schools have been directed to keep a digital weighing machine in school.

"Schoolbag needs to be light-weight with proper compartments, and should

contain two padded and adjustable straps that can be squarely fit on both the

shoulders. Wheeled carriers should not be allowed as it may hurt children while

climbing stairs," the policy document says.


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