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National-level Essay Writing Competition

National-level essay writing competition organised by Leaders For Tomorrow and Press Club of India in partnership with Voice of Kids, Korean Cultural Center, Goethe-Institut, and Development Channel will end tomorrow.

The competition is for the high school students of Classes 8 to 12. They can continue submitting their essays by March 31. They will have to submit an application of Rs 100. The winners of the competition will be given Rs 20,000 in prize money. Students can write their essays on any major development issue faced by India with respect to achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The essay must identify a problem and give its probable solutions. It can talk of a challenge faced in ensuring quality education for the students across the country in the aftermath COVID-19 pandemic. It can further elaborate on the impact of pandemic on the formal education system. The prizes will be awarded at national, state, and school levels. There will also be special prizes for the top 100 essays. At the national level, the

First prize will be Rs 20,000,

Second prize of Rs 15,000, and

Third prize of Rs 10,000; along with medals, certificates and 100% scholarship for an online language course for children and young people offered by Goethe-Institut India. There will also be a consolation prize of Rs 5,000. At state level, there will be three prizes worth Rs 2000, 1000 and 500 respectively. The top hundred winners of this competition will get the opportunity to participate in a final essay writing competition.


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