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NCW launches personality development programmes for rural girls

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has started a capacity-building and personality-development programme for girls pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees across the country. Students will take an online quiz organised by ‘MyGov' after completing the programme, in which they will be examined on their grasp of what they have learned.

“Through this programme, the commission will prepare students not only for the job market, but for their holistic development. The modules incorporated in the programme includes job training, personal capacity building, professional career skills, digital literacy and effective use of social media.”

NCW will assist these students in acquiring job-related skills and preparing them for interviews, as most students lack confidence despite possessing a degree.

“This will enable them to present themselves in the best possible light during interviews. To increase work opportunities, professional career counselling is essential. Students are taught how to create resumes and give presentations. They will also be able to explore job options for themselves, taking into account their natural talents and weaknesses.”

Renu Yadav, assistant professor of school of education, Central University of Haryana, Mahendragarh, says, “The UNICEF report states that the girls remain less skilled for employment. Most girls do not get exposure due socio-cultural mindset and barriers, hence such courses help in professional development. Our university being the first to be selected for this initiative will focus on the rural students from rural Haryana.”

“Four different programmes would be conducted in different slots for 150 students each. The programmes will include professional development, leadership skills, digital literacy, personality development and interview skills.”

Under the personal capacity building session students would be taught leadership collaboration and the third session would be on digital literacy, further adds Yadav.

Geeta Bhatt, director, Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB), Delhi University, says, “This programme would cover the aspects which are important for the girls who come from the marginalised socio-economic background. The art of facing a job interview board is not taught in any academic curriculum. As part of this programme, women students would be taught the art of effectively interacting on social media and briefly about financial literacy.”


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