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NIT Warangal launches Python for Beginners (Online)

The Center for Continuing Education NIT Warangal and Department of Computer Science & Engineering will be organising an online short-term course on ‘Python for Beginners.’ The course will introduce students to: Getting started, keywords and identifiers, python operators, namespace, I/O and import, statements and comments, variables, datatypes, conversion, flow control: Python if...else, Python for Loop, Python break and continue, Python Pass, Python Functions, Python recursion anonymous function, global, local and nonlocal among others.

Upon the completion of the STC the participants/trainee can understand/Gain knowledge in solving real-world problems. The sessions will be handled by the experts from IITs/NITs/Central universities/Software Industry. Day wise Recordings will be provided. Interested candidates can apply online by clicking below link

The deadline for registration is March 19, 2022.

Registration fees for faculty- Rs 500

Fee for industry professionals- Rs 1000.

Seats - 300 only.

Participants will get an e-certificate upon completion of the STC course.


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