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Noida boy gets All-India first in IIT-JEE

has made his family proud. He is one of only 18 kids in his class to receive this honour this year. Instead of celebrating, the student has already buried his head in books in preparation for the IIT-JEE Advanced exam, which is slated for October.

“IIT BHU educated my father and grandfather, and my elder brother is an engineer from IIT Guwahati. As a result, I've always known that Engineering would be my best option,” he says.

While Singhal was consistently among the best students at Apeejay School in Noida, he showed no interest in sports or extracurricular activities. “This only strengthened my resolve to be academically sound. I had witnessed my older brother studying for IIT since I was a toddler, and this solidified my decision to pursue higher education,” says Amaiya Singhal

The topper, on the other hand, believes that having a vacation is critical, as constant study might lead to burnout. “I used to spend a little time on social media as a go-to. My schedule had been set in stone. In between long study sessions, I would take a five- to ten-minute break to check Instagram and Twitter. This allowed him to keep up with what his pals were up to and current events,” he explains.

Another option for the student to relax was to watch television shows with his family. “Family time is important and should not be overlooked. “Laughing with family members can be a fantastic stress reliever,” Singhal explains.

Another challenge that the student encountered was the transition from traditional to online schooling. “As part of my preparations, I enrolled at Unacademy in my XI standard, which proved to be a blessing. Singhal explains, "Focused sessions with exceptional teachers helped me break away from the routine."

“I have hazy ideas about working at a large corporation with a competitive salary package. Another option is to break out from the stereotype and contribute to society. “My immediate objective is to enrol in an IIT to study engineering, and then I'll work out the following step,” he says.


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