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Online platforms launch free courses

Online courses like "Getting Stay Interviews Right," "Workplace Emotional Intelligence (EI): How to Be Emotionally Intelligent," and "Time & Productivity Management Techniques" could equip professionals with market-required soft skills for boosting workforce productivity and efficiency.

UpGrad and YourDOST, platforms that promote emotional and mental wellness, have introduced free courses for professionals. The course material is based on market research, and it is intended to foster agility while assisting organizations in developing better strategies for employee engagement and retention.

People were hesitant to address this serious problem since mental well-being was stigmatized. One in six people, according to statistics, experience typical mental health concerns including anxiety and depression, making it one of the most urgent challenges.

These online courses are designed for working people to provide them the tools they need to manage different issues at their own speed. They will be able to manage day-to-day work-related challenges, such as dealing emotional worries and managing time, which has been a major challenge for new professionals, thanks to the course topics and modules.


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