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Ranchi twins top All India NEET UG

NEET results are out and the Ranchi twins made it to all India list of toppers.

from Ranchi has got All India Rank (AIR) 2 in the recently declared National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) UG results.

The pandemic-induced online learning offered a mixed bag of experiences to students, he says. “While we did not lose time in traveling, adjusting to a discipline life within the confines of home was more difficult that one could imagine,” he says. For Vatsa, the most difficult part of his preparation process was to put in long study hours. “Maintaining the required discipline took a toll. I managed by ensuring proper breaks from studying to revive my mind,” he says.

The similarity between class XII and NEET course curriculum were a boon, he reveals. “Besides managing school curriculum, I spent five to six hours on NEET specific preparation as a student of Aakash+Byju's. Thankfully, the course curriculum was similar, which helped me score well in class XII and be prepared for NEET exam as well,” says Vatsa, who has scored 97.2% in his class XII CBSE board exams.

His twin brother, Vatsal Ashish Batra, shares Vatsa’s beliefs in the field of medicine, but had a different preparation process. “I took more time adjusting my mind to the kind of hard work required to prepare for NEET. I did not form a strict schedule of what to study when; my study daily slots were assigned but I defined my study material as the slow arrived,” says Vatsal, who took time adjusting to the demands of Physics and Chemistry syllabus.

“Attempting multiple mock tests is important. I spent two years formally preparing for NEET so that I will not be burdened by the pressure, and it seems like my strategy has worked,” he says.


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