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Robotraffic Competition open to Indian school students

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology has announced the 11th edition of the Robotraffic Competition to be conducted by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The competition will be held virtually between March 14–18, 2021.

The Nadav Shoham Robotraffic Competition was created to give students a hands-on experience in providing high-tech solutions to challenges. The main challenge of this competition is to build an autonomous robotic car model that can move according to the traffic rules, obey traffic lights and signs, signals, and keep a safe distance from other cars.

Robotraffic Competition is open to Indian school students for classes X and XII. Students can participate in teams of 1-8 and can be advised by a teacher, although the construction must be solely done by the students. The categories of the competition include careful driving, racing, reverse parking, traffic safety initiatives and 3D CAD.

The first-place winner in the careful driving category will receive a one-year scholarship to Technion.

The competition aims to develop sensors and systems to be implemented in the industry to reduce the number of car accidents, expose students to the high tech multi-disciplinary area of robots and sensors and build team-work capabilities among them.

Important dates:

• Submission: March 1, 2021

Students can send participation requests to

Full competition rules are available at:

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