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Schools in Himachal to have Sanskrit language, Vedic Maths

From class III onwards, the Himachal Pradesh School Education Board (HPSEB) will teach Sanskrit language and Vedic mathematics to pupils in grades VI and up.

In a news conference in Dharamshala, HPSEB chief Suresh Kumar Soni declared that beginning in the next academic session, kids in Himachal Pradesh will be taught Sanskrit and Vedic Maths in schools.

He stated that HPSEB will be the country's first education board to begin teaching Sanskrit in the third grade. Teachers would be taught for the purpose of the introduction of Sanskrit and Vedic Mathematics in the Diploma in Education programme (DEd) (DEd).

Students in classes III and IV will be given objective-type questions in Sanskrit, whereas students in classes V and up will be given descriptive questions. Sanskrit courses can be separated into three stages, which will be determined at the time of enrollment.

In the case of Vedic Mathematics, the basics will be started in class VI and only a few sections will be introduced at the start to ensure students do not feel overburdened.


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