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Score full marks in CBSE Class 10 English with Letter Writing tips

Letter writing is considered as one of the most important questions as students can easily score full marks in this question with a little preparation. However, there is no particular study material or books to learn this question but students just need to understand the correct format according to which the information is to be penned down.

We will explain here some important points along with the correct format.

In CBSE Class 10 English paper letter writing question carries 8 marks

Types of Letters To Be Asked in CBSE Class 10 English Exam Are:

→ Letter to the editor of a newspaper (drawing the public’s attention towards social or common issues)

→ Complaint letter (reporting a lost wallet, cycle, etc., complaint on neighbours, poor facilities at a tourist place, etc.)

→ Order placing letter (ordering books, equipments for school, etc.)

→ Enquiry letter (planning a trip, details for joining a class, etc.)

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1. Topics for Letter to Editor:

→ Expressing your views about child labour, unemployment, crime against women, habits of smoking, problems arising due to increasing population, drug addiction, etc.

→ Pointing to the rash driving by the DTC drivers, over speeding by bikers, etc.

2. Topics for Complaint:

→ Regarding some products that you purchased, like defective mobile handset, camera, etc.

→ Regarding misbehaviour of staff or salesman

→ Regarding problem faced in society like shortage of water, frequent power break down, etc

3. Topics for Order Placing Letter:

→ Placing an order for school uniforms for dress store of school.

→ Placing an order for books for the school library or other educational purpose.

→ Placing an order for sports items for your school team.

→ For placing orders for some eatables for your birthday party or any other event.

4. Topics for Inquiry:

→ Asking about the details for taking admission in a course.

→ Inquiring about some welfare schemes launched by the government.

→ Writing to a tourism company to inquire about the details of some tour package.

There’s a strict format to follow while writing a formal letter which is explained below:

1. Sender’s address: On the left side of the page, just next to the margin, write the sender’s address/ contact details.

2. Date: Below the sender’s address write the date after leaving one line.

3. Receiver’s address: After date, write the address of the recipient (the Officer / Principal / Editor).

4. Subject of the letter: Here you have to mention the main purpose of the letter in 4 - 5 words.

5. Salutation: Respected Sir / Madam

6. Body: Here you have to explain the matter of your letter. Body of letter must be divided into 3 paragraphs as follows:

→ First Paragraph: Introduce yourself and the purpose of writing the letter in brief.

→ Second Paragraph: It should include the matter in detail.

→ Third Paragraph: Here you have to conclude your letter by mentioning the conclusion or solution.

7. Complimentary Closing:

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely

8. Sender’s name/signature and designation (if applicable)

Marking Scheme to be followed for Letter Writing Question in CBSE Class 10 English Exam 2021:

  • Format – 1 mark

  • Content – 2 marks

  • Expression – 2 marks


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