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Sharad Pawar believes that agricultural universities are critical to the economy's growth.

Sharad Pawar, the president of the National Congress Party and a former Union Agriculture Minister, said on Thursday that agricultural universities are critical to the country's economic growth. He was speaking during a ceremony in Talsande, Maharashtra's Kolhapur district, to virtually launch the D Y Patil Agriculture and Technical University.

"The economic situation will inevitably improve if agricultural growth and progress are obvious. These universities are critical to the elevation and strengthening of India's economic status. Agriculture will benefit greatly from new technologies and technological breakthroughs made possible by research at such universities "Mr. Pawar explained.

Dr. D Y Patil, the former governor of Bihar, Tripura, and West Bengal, presided over the occasion. The university will open for business in the academic year 2021-2022.

Dr. Sanjay Patil, head of the DY Patil Group, stated, "This university's education would include not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. The curriculum was chosen after careful consideration of all future possibilities."

While agriculture is one of the university's specialisations, it also places a strong emphasis on educating students for careers in architecture, administration, engineering, and other related fields, according to a press release. Satej Patil, a Maharashtra politician and vice president of the D Y Patil Group, said the university curriculum will boost agricultural research.

"The curriculum's variety will encourage kids to think like researchers. Because agriculture is so important in Maharashtra, the university's study will be extremely beneficial to farmers. Students will gain industrial experience while studying for the same, preparing them for a career ". According to Kolhapur-South MLA and D Y Patil Group trustee Ruturaj Patil, the university's main aim would be to foster skill development that will help students prepare for national and international jobs.


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