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Students can earn dual degree from Indian and foreign Institutions

Indian students can now earn dual degree from Indian and foreign higher educational institutions.

UGC is soon going to notify the collaboration between Indian and foreign institutions will enable the benefit of credit transfer and joint degrees.

The commission has already finalised the regulatory draft for these programmes and collaboration.

The academic collaboration will offer Joint degree, Dual degree and Twinning programmes. According to the UGC regulations, a degree obtained through collaboration will be equivalent to any corresponding degree provided by Indian higher education institutions.

Academic collaboration under this regulation would be:

  1. Credit recognition and transfer

  2. Joint degree programme

  3. Dual degree programme

  4. Twinning arrangement

The Colleges, Institutions and Universities across the country are encouraged to seek advantages of the regulation by collaborating with foreign institutions. These regulations will not comply with the courses offered through online or distance mode.

UGC will grant the following institutions:

  1. Indian Institutions accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

  2. The minimum score obtained by the institutions must be 3.01.

  3. Top 100 universities certified under the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF).

  4. Top 500 universities certified under Times Higher Education and QS world university ranking.

Apart from the criteria mentioned above, institutions accredited by any other assessment agency must have approval from UGC. No franchise arrangements will be allowed under this regulation.

Students will be getting huge benefits from this initiative, as they can get two degrees separately and simultaneously.


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