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The biggest challenges that students face in online education

Nine months of focused online education have now been completed by most students across India. From an earlier hope of reopening schools in the next couple of months, parents, students, and teachers now anticipate that online education will continue for the entire academic year.

Health - Eye problems

Due to staring at the computer/mobile screen for long periods, younger students, particularly in classes 1 to 3, have experienced eye health problems. To ease the pressure, they also did not have the discipline of sometimes blinking their eyes. Other health problems have been found in older students due to poor posture and lack of movement, such as neck and back pain etc.

Lack of at-home facilities

There were enormous obstacles for parents with limited resources or more than one school-going kid. Children had to borrow cell phones from parents for their lessons, so they had to squint on a tiny screen and miss the teacher's shared notes/PowerPoint information. They were often upset by telephone calls and texts intended for their parents.

Problems with networking

Video sharing, which includes high internet speed, needs to be of high quality for a successful learning experience. In non-metro cities, internet access rates have been found to be missing. In addition, with millions of kids concurrently using high-quality content, the metro Internet bandwidth fell too low. The worst affected were children dependent on mobile internet access.


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