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The Haryana government has reduced the syllabus for classes 10 and 12 by 30%.

In the current academic session, the Haryana government agreed to decrease the syllabus for secondary and upper secondary classes by 30%. The decision was made because schools have been closed owing to the coronavirus outbreak, and education has been hampered, according to Haryana Board President Jagbir Singh.

The Haryana Board of School Education has agreed to cut the syllabus for secondary (class 10) and senior secondary (class 12) classes by 30% for the academic year 2021-22, according to an official release. Mr Singh stated that, similar to previous year, the syllabus for both classes has been cut by 30%.

Haryana's schools reopened this week for classes 9 to 12 only, following rigorous COVID-19 regulations, after nearly three months of closure. Officials have stated that it has not made it essential for kids to attend school because online lessons are still being offered.


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