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UGC creates new criteria for teaching, Ph.D. not a requisite

Taking a step forward, UGC is apparently going to develop new and unique professions that will not require this certification. These new positions are anticipated to be Professors of Practice and of Practice, according to reports.

Many Central Universities used to make a PhD a condition for teaching. Those days, however, are no longer. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to scrap the old'mandatory PhD requirement' in order to hire more industry expertise as university professors.

The objective behind these new roles, according to UGC officials, is to allow professionals with hands-on experience and industry work to come and share their knowledge with students. Furthermore, it supports the idea that many professionals wish to teach but are unable to do so due to a lack of a PhD.

If this strategy is carried out successfully, UGC will most likely assure that when hiring or allowing 'experts' and/or 'professors' to teach, they will solely look at their industrial experience and will not consider a PhD degree for any of these unique roles.

As far as the nature of these special positions goes, UGC has not clarified if they will be temporary or permanent. It is likely to keep such rules flexible depending on the requirements of the institute and the expert(s) themselves. Further, there is a likelihood for the special position to be of part-time role as well.

Candidates interested in this new opportunity are informed that plans are only in their nascent stage and nothing has been finalised. Reports suggest that a committee will be set up soon to work out the details and official announcements will be made soon.


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