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Vice Chancellor: Delhi Skill And Entrepreneurship University Will Focus On Skills

As the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University prepares to virtually open its doors to students, Vice Chancellor Neharika Vohra said the university's goal is to make students highly talented rather than just imparting courses on a subject. The university, which was founded by the Delhi government in 2020, features virtual labs to ensure that students do not miss practicals due to the pandemic. Ms Vohra told PTI in an interview that experts from IITs and IIITs are members of the university's curriculum advisory panels and provide feedback on course design.

We collaborated with the industry to first determine which employment roles are difficult to fill. When a BA or BCom graduate joins a bank, they are sent for one-and-a-half years of training. "However, we have a course that will assist students in achieving the level of a BA as well as all of the expertise related to the financial industry, such as insurance," she explained.

She went on to say that there is a curriculum advisory group that includes well-known academics from the discipline as well as varsity faculty members. More than 1,000 hours were spent by university faculty members constructing the curriculum, while approximately 1,800 hours were spent by academic specialists, totaling 3,000 hours spent to bring the curriculum "up to speed."

The Vice Chancellor stated that after the Class 10 and 12 results are released, the slots will be filled. "Right now, students are coming to learn more about the university, and some are even filling out enrollment forms." On a daily basis, our website receives 30,000 visitors. At least 5,000 registration forms have been completed, while 16,000 students have begun but not completed the registration process.


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