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Yogacharya Sunil Fadia on Yoga as a career option

Sunil Fadia ji has been a Yogacharya for more than 20 years. His rendezvous with Yog started in 1988, when he was looking for alternatives to heal his back issues. He strongly felt that a shortcut like surgery which was suggested by doctors then, is not an option for him. After seeing the immense shift in his health and back issues by practicing Yoga diligently, there was no looking back. He went on to learn Yoga by three reputed institutes in India, and post that started teaching. Whether it is one on one classes, institutes or corporates, he can do it with ease because he himself follows all precepts of Yog as much as possible.

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Karan Darwani
Karan Darwani
21 mars 2021

Sunil ji is full of knowledge and candour.

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