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Army Dog Zoom Fights Terrorists Even After Being Shot Twice In Kashmir

During a clash between security forces and terrorists on Monday in the Jammu and Kashmir area of Anantnag, an Army attack dog was gravely hurt, according to officials.

After obtaining specific information regarding the presence of terrorists there, security personnel conducted a cordon and search operation in the Tangpawa neighbourhood of the south Kashmir state late on Sunday night.

According to the officials, the army dispatched Zoom, its assault dog, inside the house where the militants were camped out early on Monday. Zoom is a highly trained, ferocious, and committed canine. Has been trained to locate and bring down terrorists," they said.

Zoom has been part of many active operations in south Kashmir, they said.

On Monday, Zoom, as usual, was tasked to clear the house where terrorists were hiding, they said.

However, during the operation, the canine received two gunshots and was critically injured, the officials said.

"Zoom identified and attacked the terrorists during which the canine received two gunshots," they said.

The officials, however, said the canine kept on fighting and performing his task which resulted in the killing of two militants.

"Inspite of severe injuries, the brave soldier continued his task which resulted in neutralisation of two terrorists," they added.


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