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Courses for differently-abled

India has over 2.68 crore differently-abled individuals. Here are 5 courses that can help specially-abled individuals get a job. Several colleges and universities have many such courses ranging from three months to one year.

Some of these courses are:

1. Digital Photography: Instead of using films and paper sheets to produce pictures, students are taught how to click pictures using a digital camera, and even specific smartphones and how to edit, store and share them using a computer. Students are taught how to use photography software and publish these photographs on different platforms.

2. Graphic Design: A graphic designing course includes studio art, principles of design, computerized design, commercial graphics production, printing techniques, and website design. Students should also have beforehand knowledge of writing. A flair for creativity is required to become a graphic designer, a profession that has become really popular in the last few years.

3. Management Accounting: The course helps students learn about commerce, financial services at consultancies, government public sector or manufacturing industry. Students learn about evaluating business activities and analyzing stakeholders and regulators.

4. App Development: Apps are a significant part of every smartphone and given the increasing number of smartphone users, app development is becoming an important course to reach out to specifically Indian audiences. Students are taught the basics of creating apps and what goes into the making of them.

5. Wealth Management: The course teaches financial planning and asset allocation, and makes students into skilled professionals to handle corporations’ finances. Students learn how to handle both personal and corporate finances. The course teaches about equity market analysis, mutual funds and investment planning.


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