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Fees for private schools would be collected monthly with a 15% reduction, according to the Delhi gov

The Delhi administration stated on Thursday that private schools in the national capital can collect fees on a monthly basis with a 15% discount in lieu of facilities that were unavailable to pupils during the lockdown. The government also stated that if parents are not cooperative, school administration will not restrict a child from participating in any ongoing events or strike off his or her name.

The Delhi government has given an order to private schools to charge fees on a monthly basis under recognised headings only, with a 15% fee reduction for academic year 2020-21," the ministry stated in a statement. For example, if a school's monthly fee is Rs 3,000 in FY 2020-21, the school is entitled to Rs 2,550 after a 15% discount. If the school collects a fee in excess of the above-mentioned amount, the difference will be reimbursed to the parents or applied to the next month's tuition".

The Directorate of Education (DoE) stated that the Delhi High Court's order to reduce fees by 15% was carried out in order to prevent profiteering and commercialization during COVID-19.

"The Delhi government's order applies to all 460 schools that filed a petition with the high court." The fee reduction will provide relief to all students and parents at this difficult time. When a statewide lockdown was declared last year in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Delhi government instructed schools to charge parents no fees throughout the lockdown period, except for tuition fees.

Tuition fees were to be collected monthly rather than in large quantities such as quarterly or annual payments.


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