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IIT Goa invites interns in nuclear sciences, check out details

The India Institute of Technology (IIT) Goa's School of Physical Sciences is accepting applications for a 3-week online research internship. This internship program's main purpose is to help students prepare for careers in science by assisting them in developing research skills while working in the field of high energy and nuclear physics.

Criterion for Eligibility

The research internship, which is part of the Science and Engineering Research Board's (SERB) Accelerating Vigyaan Scheme, is open to candidates with a master's degree in physics. Accepted candidates will work on a project called "Probing the QCD Matter Produced at RHIC and LHC."

Students who are currently pursuing a master's degree in physics and have a minimum of 60% in their BSc are eligible for this research internship. They'll also require their department and institute heads to sign a no-objection certificate (NOC).

How to apply: Candidates must submit their applications through the Google form found on the official website, They must fill out the form using their Google account. The photo and name associated with this Google account will be captured when the candidate submits the form. When filling out the application form, you must include the following information:

  • Google email address/account

  • Gender and name

  • Contact information

  • Name of the institute or college where the candidate is pursuing a master's degree

  • Curriculum Vitae, BSc marks, and NOC certificate

Dr Santosh Kumar Das, Assistant Professor, School of Physical Sciences, has been designated as the point of contact for information on the internship programme at IIT Goa.


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