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IIT Madras Holds Sports for the Differently-Abled

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras to raise awareness about sports and games among people with impairments. 'Sports 4 All' took place on December 3 in recognition of International Day for Persons with Disabilities. Up to 580 participants from across the nation attended the event, including 255 volunteers, members of the public, and caregivers, according to IIT Madras.

The goal was to make sports and games accessible to people with disabilities, provide cutting-edge assistive technology for use in sports and games, and emphasise the value of sports. "One of the core objectives of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals is inclusion. Due to the inaccessibility of creative solutions, people with disabilities are excluded and left behind globally "Professor V Kamakoti, the director of IIT Madras, stated in a press statement.

He said, "Inclusive sports and gross motor activities give people with disabilities the chance to engage in fitness activities that will help enhance physical and mental health."


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