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India's First Virtual School Launched Last Year By The Centre

According to the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), the first virtual school in the nation was established last year by the Centre rather than the Delhi government on Wednesday. "In relation to some media rumours that the country's first virtual school was officially opened today. According to information, the Union Education Minister previously inaugurated the nation's first virtual school in August of last year "declared the NIOS.

The clarification by NIOS came following the launch of the Delhi Virtual Model School by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal which he claimed was "India's first such platform". He also announced that students from across the country will be eligible for admission.

"At present there are more than 7000 study centres affiliated with NIOS which are dedicatedly providing academic support and more than 1500 study centres providing support in skill based vocational courses to the learners of NIOS Virtual Open School. Live interactive classes shall be conducted by these study centres accredited by NIOS," the open school said.

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