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Keep all online teaching suspended in summer vacation: Delhi govt to private schools

The Delhi government ordered private schools on Wednesday to suspend all online and semi-online teaching and learning activities during the summer vacation from April 20 to June 9. In light of the worsening COVID-19 situation, the Directorate of Education (DoE) advanced summer vacations on Monday. The holiday, which was originally planned for May 11 to June 3, has been moved to April 20 to June 9.

“It has been brought to the attention of this directorate that, despite the summer vacation being advanced due to an increase in COVID 10 incidents, some private schools continue to use the standard online learning method in one way or another,” the Directorate of Education (DoE) said in an official order. All “online and semi-online teaching and learning activities shall remain suspended throughout the aforesaid time of summer vacation in accordance with the government schools,” according to the Department of Education.


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