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Maharashtra Village School Adopts Unique Initiatives To Motivate Students

A government-run elementary school in a village in the Aurangabad region of Maharashtra has developed creative strategies to maintain student interest in the school and guarantee attendance. There are barely 50 kids and two instructors enrolled in the elementary school at Babuwadi-Chartha village's zilla parishad. Nearly 45 kilometres separate the village's location on a hill from the district office. Innovative programmes have been adopted over the years by the school, which serves students up to Class 5, to teach kids about social responsibility, ensure that they take care of the environment around the school, and encourage them to do well in their studies.

Children have grown to adore the school due of its initiatives, whether it is helping their instructors clean the school every morning, planting saplings, or taking advantage of "no bag" days.

Sudhir Tupe, headmaster of the school, commented on the most recent "smile badge" initiative, saying, "The COVID-19 pandemic affected pupils' study habits. To encourage kids to complete their homework, the grin badge project was created."

He added that a committee of students has been formed to examine the homework every day. He claimed that kids who finish their homework win the badge and wear it during school hours. "Every day at 9.30 am, school starts. However, the kids arrive 30 minutes early to assist the teachers with cleaning "said Mr. Tupe to PTI.

According to Mr. Tupe, the school has also started a plantation programme to keep the area around the building green. Students conserve some water in their bottles and water the trees every day on their walk home, according to Mr. Tupe, who noted that since 2013, approximately 60 seedlings have been planted on the school grounds.

On the academic front, he said that 15 students have received scholarships since 2017, and three students from the school have been admitted to Navodaya Vidyalayas. The school's initiatives, according to Zilla Parishad education officer Jayashree Chavan, were distinctive, and some of them were adopted by other schools in the neighbourhood.

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