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Fashion Designer - Parnika Bansal

London fashion week’s composed repertoire was disrupt by cheerful applause of hooting and standing ovation for an Indian Fashion collection. The story behind this collection moved the audience.

Parnika Bansal, a young fashion designer from eclectic city Ludhiana came to Delhi to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. After 2 years of her design course, she was rejected from the top most fashion college.

She was tagged “slow” and not capable of pursuing an intensive course like fashion design. With inconsolable soreness, she went back to her city where she suffered from depression for almost a year.

Image Courtesy: tenor

Then one day she pulls herself and finally connected back to her dream .She applied to a local Institute and focused on learning. Her determination and hard work finally got noticed when her Graduating collection was selected for showcasing in London Fashion Week.

The list of achievement of Parnika does not stop there. She was awarded by the Indian High Commission in London. In her interview with Education India she said “Sapan dekhna buraa nahi hain, per jo sapna dekha hain, mehnat aur himmat laga do usey poora karne mein”. It is not bad to see dreams, but put hard work and courage to fulfill it. 


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