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Supreme Court To Examine If Schools, Colleges Give Special Status to minorities

The Supreme Court has decided to consider whether giving an educational institution run by members of a minority community the designation of a minority institution would be appropriate. The Uttar Pradesh government, the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, the National Medical Commission, and other parties were sent notices by a bench of justices B R Gavai and B V Nagarathna in order to receive responses.

The Allahabad High Court's ruling that the mere administration of an educational institution by a minority would not confer on it status as a minority institution was being appealed by the Mahayana Theravada Vajrayana Buddhist Religious and Charitable Trust. The case challenging the Uttar Pradesh government order was being heard by the high court.

In its order, the high court had said that it does not find any illegality in the decision of the state government in not treating the educational institution of the trust as a minority institution so as to exclude it from the purview of the 2006 Act.


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