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The Fashion Design Gala 2021 International Students is now open for entries!

CALL FOR ENTRIES: The 11th International Students Fashion Design Gala of 2021 has recently been announced by Yanching Institute of Technology, inviting all international and domestic students interested in fashion design, art design, masters, doctoral students, undergraduates and college students to participate.Yanching Institute of Technology, a university associated with the international education organization Beifang, has successfully hosted the 10-fold International Students Fashion Design Gala.

The 11th International Students Fashion Design Gala 2021 aims to create a showcase forum for students of fashion design to demonstrate the learning outcomes of college students at home and abroad, through large-scale professional activities and competitions to facilitate the development of fashion talents.

The overall style of the entries must be fresh, innovative, trendy and creative.

The categories:

1. Class of fashion pattern: With strong creativity and theme, at least one entry must be planned. It is used primarily in textiles, printing and other fields. The color is set to CMYK, the resolution is not less than 300dpi, and the file format is jpg or tif.

2.Category of fashion design: The works submitted are divided into two categories: works of artistic design and works of commercial design ready-to-wear. They must submit at least three sets of entries. It needs the three sets to have the same theme. An electronic representation or a fashion picture should be provided for registration.

3.Fashion make-up category: To be trendy and creative in makeup and hair design, at least one collection of entries is required. An electronic version of the makeup and hair film and an overall concept film should be submitted for registration.

4. Class of fashion photography: the focus is primarily fashion photography and artistic photography, with at least two entries. Entries are submitted in the format of JPG. No less than 10 million pixels shall be used for a single picture and the EXIF information shall be maintained.

5. Fashion micro-videos: the subject can be short story, documentary short, animation short, image promotional video, etc., at least one entry, no more than 10 minutes, reflect a good sense of the times, registration requires the video connection that has been uploaded to Tencent video.

6. Fashion accessories: jewellery, bags, shoes and hats are accessories. One group is limited to each contributor. There must be at least 3 entries submitted. To become a sequence, three entries are needed. Registration must be submitted in electronic form or in a single completed photograph.

Submission requirements:

All entries are suggested to be works after July 1, 2019, all entries must be original works. One art piece is only allowed for one category.

The 11th International Students Fashion Design Gala is scheduled for Late May, 2021.

No Entry Fee!

There is no entry fee to participate!

Who can participate?

Students interested in fashion design, art design, masters, doctoral students, undergraduates, college students (including recent graduates) are welcome to join, both foreign and domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).


Fashion Trends Fashion Design Fashion Makeup Fashion Illustration Fashion Micro-video Fashion Accessories 1 place for gold award (¥10000) 2 places for silver awards (¥6000) 3 places for bronze award (¥3000) 10 places for honorable mentions (¥1000) 30 places for outstanding work (certificates) One award for network popularity (¥1000) One award for network popularity (¥1000)


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