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Secrets that makes a brand-'SUPER SAVAGE'

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

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Why some brands become super and others fade? There is a lot that can be learn from the world leaders. Their crucial strategies might help Indian brands to reap the benefits of Indian fashion and lifestyle market which was estimated at *US$ 201 billion* in 2017, and this statistic looks set to double in the next five years.

Fast fashion brands around the world have exhibited incredible growth and success across many different cultures, in the past decade. We believe this has happened due to the fact that they appear to operate on two powerful tenets: “Putting customers first”, and “meeting their demands better and faster than anyone else”. But how do these tenets translate into a fashion business’s operational plan?

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Spanish giant, Zara Brand works on only one mantra *Fashion today, not tomorrow:* Zara’s industry-leading short lead times allow it to offer products that customers want in real-time, faster than any other brand. Many retailers try to forecast what customers might buy months ahead, which is not working anymore.

Real time customer syncing and offering them their NOW demand.

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Swedish superpower H&M is a leader in managing the Price Economy. Pitching at the t base line of *Make it affordable –*Strong relationships with 700+ suppliers, 60 pattern makers and 20+ worldwide production centres results in affordability. Cost-efficiencies at the sourcing and manufacturing levels translate to high scalability and brand visibility across target markets.

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Hiroshima ,Japan is known for atomic bomb tragedy , but they have produced world’s hi-teck fashion super brand Uniqlo .It calls itself a technology company, not a fashion company. End-to-end tech is the brand DNA.From constantly developing radical new materials with the world's best fabric technology innovators to being one of the world’s top digital marketing success stories.

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France , known for Haute Couture has also produced a sports superbrand says Lakshmi Sharan, contributor Indian School of Design . Their idea to create a unforgettable Brand experience: Their store locations, store displays, interactive sporting areas and product dynamism as powerful elements of marketing and brand experience.

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German super brand Adidas engages customers to provide design says Saurabh Mittel , fashion contributor Indian School of design .User-generated fashion , Adidas relies heavily on social media and storytelling, constantly analyzing the reactions to their content. Customers are potential co-designers of Adidas collections.

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The foundation of every super brand,s design strategy is their in-depth Customer research. Powerful fashion retailers empower sales associates and store managers to be at the forefront of customer research. Social media analysis & real-time customer research allows sharp product design strategies that accurately meet customer expectations.


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