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Masters in Sports Management - Study Abroad

Many people enjoy watching sports, while many see sports as their passion or interest, while others prefer their passion for career sports, which we believe is the best kind. Not only is it exciting to pursue a career in sports, but it is also packed with possibilities that can lead to great experiences. Sports Management is an integrative field that encompasses company and management.

A degree such as Masters of Sports Management is suitable for comprehensive knowledge of these aspects. Education-level Sports Management is offered at the levels of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate. Universities abroad are renowned for providing individuals who want to pursue a Masters of Sports Management abroad with global level management and business skills.

  • The length of a master's degree in sports administration is usually 2 years.

  • Post-graduation degree in Sports Administration in MBA, MSc or MA can be obtained

  • In the Sports parameters, psychology, marketing, medicine, journalism, law and technology are other subject interests that you can select.

  • This course is offered at universities abroad on a full-time and part-time basis.

  • You can work or research by opting for a part-time course in Sports Management. A student is, however, only permitted to work 20 hours per week during semesters.

  • In this area, the FIFA Masters in Sports Management, Law and Humanities is a popular course organized by the CIES (International Centre for Sports Studies), which is also endorsed by FIFA.

Masters in Sports Management Syllabus:

  • Management Principles and Law

  • Sports Marketing

  • Leadership and Influence in Sports

  • Media and Community Relations

  • Sports Psychology

  • Sports Studies

  • Sports History and Culture

Masters in Sports Management Eligibility:

Masters in Sports Management Course Fees

Training abroad may seem pricey, but it is totally worth it to obtain a degree like Masters Sports Management abroad. You can apply for a scholarship and even use student loans to study abroad for higher education. Here's a description of the range of tuition fees for Masters in Sports Administration in the UK, the United States of America and Canada:

Cost of study

Country Tuition Fee (Range)

United Kingdom USD 15,290 - USD 27,470

USA USD22,480 - USD 34,590

Canada USD 17,880 - USD 28,414


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