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After Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand to have MBBS taught in Hindi

The next academic year's MBBS courses will be taught in both English and Hindi at Uttarakhand's medical colleges, according to state minister of medical education Dhan Singh Rawat. With this accomplishment, Uttarakhand would join Madhya Pradesh as the nation's second state to offer MBBS in Hindi.

Dr. CMS Rawat, the principal of the Government Medical College in Srinagar in the Pauri district, is the chairman of the four-person expert group that has been assembled by the State Medical Education Department for this purpose. According to the minister, the committee would review the MBBS Hindi syllabus used in Madhya Pradesh's government medical institutions before creating a draught of a new syllabus for the colleges in Uttarakhand.

The MBBS course in Hindi will begin after the draught and other processes are finished.


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