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Delhi Government Launches Course On Spoken English For Teachers

The Delhi government is set to launch the "project teacher empowerment", an intensive English-speaking training course for the teachers of its schools, according to officials. Under the programme, which will be open to all regular teachers, vice-principals and principals, the participants will undergo two hours of face-to-face training every day for a total of 160 hours.

"The Directorate of Education (DoE) provides opportunity for English as a medium of instruction for students in its schools. Hence, acquisition of communication skills in English is widely critical for teachers for prolific and engaging interactions with students. Teachers are responsible for comprehending and breaking down complex information themselves, conveying this information clearly to their students (both verbally and in written form), presenting it in a manner that sustains their attention, improving their listening skills and resolves their problems," read an official notification.

"It is anticipated that this project will result in a paradigm shift in your existing dexterity regarding the use of the English language in schools and otherwise. It is envisioned that this continuous professional development opportunity will be a highlight of your whole teaching-learning journey," it added.

The classes will be held for two hours a day either before or after the regular classes at designated centres within the districts. Teachers who undergo the programme will have to appear in an internationally valid test such as the GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) or the APTIS.

"Those who opt for this programme will also be invited to be part of Specialised School of Excellence, Delhi model virtual school, the core academic unit and Delhi Board of Secondary Education. They will be sent for national and international training and exposure visits," the notification said.


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