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The career-tech platform now provides education loans for studies in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The organisation has worked with over 60 colleges to assist students in securing education loans. EmpowerYouth already has agreements in place to service these loans with ICICI, Avanse, Agile Finserv, Ez Finance, WePay, InCred, and others, and is in the process of forming more.

EmpowerYouth believes in inspiring youth to exercise their right to education by reaching out to the most underserved student community – the rural poor. Even if students are admitted into schools, they are unable to fulfil the institutes' fee criteria due to a shortage of funds, and thus miss out on higher education. Currently, 90% of education loan applications are turned down.

EmpowerYouth has been able to close the gap in educational access by developing creative education loan products that benefit both students and colleges. On the website, the rejection rate for education loans in India has fallen below 30%. Any student who has been accepted into one of these 60 colleges can apply for a student loan through, which provides a range of choices. The loan is available at any time of the year for any year/semester that the student wishes. This is a feature that isn't usually found on most websites. is a website dedicated to inspiring young people.

EmpowerYouth is the first and only comprehensive and integrated career management platform in the world.

The company assists students, especially in tier II and below markets, by providing them with a variety of career development opportunities. Education loans, internships, campus job placement, mentoring sessions, and other EmpowerYouth programmes help these students excel.

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