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For Dropouts, DU reopens registration process for re-exam

Aimed at college dropouts to complete their courses, DU has reopened the registration process for the ‘centenary chance.

The exam will give drop-out students a one-time chance to complete their courses, keeping in view DU’s year-long centenary celebrations which started on May 1, 2022.

Students who were admitted during the 2015-2016 academic session or earlier are eligible to appear for the exam. The fee for this exam will be Rs 3,000 per paper.

Students who are eligible candidates can appear for a maximum of four papers in the annual mode and up to eight papers in the semester-wise tests. The exam will be held for theory and practicals but not for internal assessment.

Students can fill their registration forms by using the online student portal by February 27. DU had announced the centenary chance exam in May last year stating that students who dropped out of college in the final year can register for this one chance exam and complete their courses.


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