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Individuals can themselves operate like brands: Shashi Tharoor

In Delhi, recently, the book launch by PKD Nambiar took place at The Oberoi Hotel for his debut book titled You Too Can Be A Brand. Only those who are using branding do so to highlight their strengths and virtues. According to Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, it cannot make one look to be someone they are not. He was speaking at the Oberoi Hotels in Delhi during the launch of PKD Nambiar's book, "You Too Can Be a Brand." The ICCR Chief and MP Shashi Tharoor launched the book written by Indus Scrolls Press.

In the book, You, Too, Can Be a Brand. the author Nambiar presents the topic in an appealing way that is free of jargon. Nambiar, a self-taught brand creator, assists numerous corporations in defining their strategy so they can develop into powerful brands. In his prologue, Shashi Tharoor stated that it is a helpful manual for people looking to establish or improve a personal brand. The feather in the cap is that Shashi Tharoor also wrote the foreword which endorses the fact that how branding is very essential.

As part of the event, a discussion on political brand value took place. The best-selling book, which is currently offered on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, has begun its epic journey informing readers on one of the most important issues of the modern era.


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