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IT sector to hire 65% freshers

In India, 59% of firms are looking to hire new employees between July and December 2022. India was singled out in the report as a global hotspot for entry-level employment.

The findings from TeamLease's biannual "Career Outlook Research" for the period of July to December 2022 serve as the basis for this report.

The most promising industries for freshmen are information and technology, ecommerce and technology start-ups, and telecommunications, with 65%, 48%, and 47% of businesses indicating an interest to hire, respectively.

The IT sector is rapidly growing and is expected to hire 100,000 freshers to meet rising demand. On the other hand, telecom companies are looking forward to infuse Rs 3345 crores in the sector and expand their data centres pan India. There is a huge demand for job roles across 5G-centric technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and cloud computing in the telecom sector; with majority of companies hiring freshers.

On the other hand, some industries where hiring sentiment was muted are Travel and Hospitality (7%), Agriculture and Agrochemicals (9%), Real Estate: Non-Essential (9%) and Maketing & Advertising (9%).

The locations which have shown slow hiring sentiment are Kochi (2%), Indore (2%), Coimbatore (3%) and Chandigarh (5%).


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