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Karnataka becomes first state to implement NEP 2020

Karnataka adopted hybrid learning to provide flexible learning opportunities to students. The state’s minister for Higher Education, C N Ashwath Narayan said, "New Education policy will be implemented first in Karnataka, the government is taking right decisions at the right time to create a bright future, the National Education Policy 2022 (NEP 2020) gives quality and flexible learning opportunities to students which will pave the way for Karnataka - a land of opportunities, land of future skilled entrepreneurs. Hybrid learning is revolutionary learning which helps to learn across all boundaries".

The minister was speaking at the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Education Summit 2022 by Summit India in association with Tech Avant-Garde (TAG). It successfully completed its 12th session on March 12, 2022. The topic for the March 26 session was Case Study-Hybrid Learning. The session captured the blueprint for making higher learning effective, efficient, and inclusive and views of government on NEP.

The weekly panel discussion included trained hybrid system teachers and trainers. Narayan explained how NEP will be implemented and expressed his views on NEP 2020, technology-based learning and hybrid learning. Karnataka is one of the first states to implement NEP 2020. National Education Policy 2020 gives creative and flexible learning opportunities to students. Approximately 25 Lakh teachers were trained by Tech Avant-Garde for hybrid education, which is not limited to digital learning, as it is multidisciplinary.

The session on April 2 will be on Change Makers and Knowledge Workers. To participate in live sessions visit


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