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Mridul Agarwal, a Jaipur native, has won the JEE Advanced 2021 competition.

Mridul Agarwal, who sat for the Joint Entrance Examination Advanced (JEE) Advanced from the IIT Delhi zone, is the exam's all-India winner this year. The result for JEE Advanced 2021 has been released at The exam took place on October 3rd.

Mr. Agarwal received 348 points out of a possible 360. The top female candidate is Kavya Chopra of the IIT Delhi zone. She came in 98th place on the common rank list (CRL), with a score of 286 out of 360. Ms Chopra got 300 out of 300 on the JEE Main exam in March, making her the first female candidate to do so. Mr. Agarwal is one of 44 students who received a perfect mark on the JEE Main exam this year.


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