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PhD submission: UGC to do away with compulsory research paper requirement

The necessary requirement for publishing research papers in peer-reviewed journals for the submission of PhD theses is likely to be abolished by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The commission will also permit colleges and universities to create their own policies regarding the submission of theses. This decision was made because a lot of PhD researchers were using unethical tactics to publish their works in journals that publish articles for a fee rather than with the necessary ardor that academic publications are meant to have.

The UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedures for Award of PhD Degree) Regulations, 2016, are currently being amended by the commission. The 2016 standards mandated that PhD scholars publish at least one research article.

According to the updated regulations for 2022, the phrase "required" will be changed to "highly recommended" by the commission. The universities will be in charge of evaluating the quality of PhD degrees, and they are free to set their own standards.

The UGC believes that this cannot guarantee the caliber of research because the "mandated" requirement has given rise to lucrative journal businesses. Instead, the commission actively advises research academics to present their work at conferences, submit patent applications, and publish their PhD research findings in peer-reviewed publications.


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