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PM Modi releases 'Exam Warriors' Ahead Of CBSE Board Exams

The Prime Minister announced the launch of the new book as he said, “As the exam season begins, I am delighted to share that the updated edition of Exam Warriors is now available”.

“The book has new Mantras and a range of interesting activities. The book reaffirms the need to remain stress-free before an exam”, he added.

He further said that the new edition includes content based on the inputs given by students, parents and teachers and that "substantive new parts have been added that would especially interest the parents and teachers".

A new ‘Exam Warriors’ module has been included in the NaMo application as well. It hosts interactive activities for students and parents to help them release their exam-related stress.

The book consists of ‘mantras’ or solutions for the students and their parents. It also has a note to teachers penned down by the Prime Minister.

It has a special section for parents which talks about the career options for the students and topics on how to maintain a balance between the dream career of their children and the viable opportunities for them after school.

"Exam Warriors", first published in 2018, was written by PM Modi to help young students deal with the stress of exams. Published in 15 languages, its Braille version was launched on World Braille Day (January 4) in 2020.


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