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Schools in Covid-Free Zones in Maharashtra will resume online classes next week.

The Maharashtra government has decided to reopen schools in locations where there have been no active COVID-19 cases in the previous month. Schools have been given permission to begin offline classes for children in Classes 8 to 12 as of July 15, according to Varsha Gaikwad, minister of school education.

“Having a co-educational method to reach out to the children of the state's final stratum has become a necessity of the hour,” she continued. Ms Gaikwad published the government decree on Twitter, which specifies that before the school reopens, all instructors and staff members must be vaccinated.

Prior to the commencement of school, corona vaccination of all teachers and non-teaching staff in the respective schools should be done as a matter of priority,” Mr Gaikwad said adding that “It is mandatory for all to strictly abide by the Corona prevention rules laid down by the state government before starting school. Considering the possibility of a possible third wave, any kind of negligence will not be tolerated.”

For the past month, no corona patients have been found in Jaya village, and the gramme panchayat may unanimously resolve to maintain the village corona-free in the future. Classes 8 through 12 will be sanctioned to begin on July 15, according to the minister.

To make a decision on Covid-free zones, an eight-member committee will be constituted. Collectors, school principals, and health officials will make up the group. The committee, chaired by the Sarpanch of the Gram Panchayat, will be in charge of enforcing the Corona Prevention Rules at the village level, according to Ms Gaikwad.

“Let us all work together to secure our future in this difficult time! Our children's education will be continued, and their health and safety will always be a top concern in our decision-making,” she stressed.


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